Like all technology Water Softeners have made considerable advancements over the years and our Twintec Water Softeners have been at the forefront of these changes.

Reasons To Upgrade To A Twin Cylinder Twintec Water Softener:

  • Twin Cylinder design means guaranteed soft water 24 hours a day, unlike single cylinder, electric softeners, which stop producing soft water when they regenerate. Once hard water gets into your homes system, it can take several days to remove.

  • No Electric needed, no timers, motors or complicated programming.

  • Efficiency & Cost saving, displacement meters mean accurate regeneration, low salt costs and efficient water use.

  • No Annual Service & Maintenance costs.

  • Block salt is easy to handle and store.

  • High Flow rates of 65 Litres per minute, ensures power showers and mega-flow are not a problem.

Why Upgrade With Us?

Choose to upgrade with us here at Humber Water Softeners and you’ll benefit from our Upgrade Offer.
  • Free removal and disposal of your old water softener.

  • Free labour charge on installation of your new Twintec Water Softener (installation is still subject to charge for plumbing fittings).

  • 6 Packs of salt free.

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