Mrs Brown

"I’m more than happy with my water softener and also the RO drinking water system. I had a softener at my previous address but this one is superior and much easier to manage. It’s so easy to drop the salt into the container with the red lines indicating when it needs to be done.
The water makes your skin so soft and you need hardly any soap/shower gel/detergent. Washing machines and dish washers also benefit as the elements don’t become covered in hard water deposits so will last longer and cost less to heat up.
RO water is lovely – absolutely clear and pure with no smell of chemicals – nothing to spoil the taste of drinks.
Your service levels are excellent with regular communication when anything changes. Nothing has gone wrong with either of my systems but I feel confident of a quick and efficient service if it ever does."


Mr & Mrs Hart

"My husband, Robert and I are happy to review our water softener that your company supplied.
Ian, was most efficient; left absolutely no mess to clean up when he left; he completed the installation with great care; and, - an inconsequential fact - as a child, he lived in the same village as we ourselves did, and went to the same school as our daughter.
Our area has one of the hardest water supplies around and we had lime scale deposits, used lots more washing products - soap, shower gel, wash-up liquid and detergent for the washing machine - dishwasher salt for the dishwasher - than before we had the softener installed. We love our soft water and have experienced no problems with using the apparatus.
If we were to move home to a house with a hard water supply, I'm sure we would be on the phone to request your services before we moved in so that we had a date fixed once the removal men had finished!"


Mr & Mrs Phillips

"I’d like to express our thanks to Ian for a first-class service. The demonstration he did at our house to show us the difference between hard water and softened water was really clear and very useful in deciding to invest in our water softener. We had been deliberating for a while about whether or not to get a softener installed as our water was so hard.
We’ve had it over a year now and we would not be without it! It has been worth every penny. It has held up to every claim made about it: our kettle is shining inside, our hot drinks no longer have that horrible scale floating on the top, the bathroom and kitchen are where we see the most effect but also we are using less product (shampoo, soap, washing up liquid etc) and the washing machine runs on very little washing powder now.
The unit itself sits very neatly under the kitchen sink and is very easy to fill with the block salt. I have already recommended you to three of our friends and will continue to do so. We are completely satisfied with our water softener."


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